Sunday, January 10, 2016

Recent activities since 2009.

 In 2009, I recd my Ph.D. and Elizabeth Joy, my student in UK pubd it as this book.Its on Amazon and Kindle.
In 2014, I taught at St.Andrews Theological College, Dhaka, Bangll Desh for 3 months.
But from the day I submitted my  doctoral thesis I started oil painting ( long on the back burner) and by 2010 had an exhibition, sponsored by Santosh George , CEO of Clubfoot India, for whom I raised funds. Suddenly I re-discovered my other passion Art. Seen above is my first sale and below my recent exhibition, in August 2015,  at Trinity Enclave, my residence on Independence day,  and at Tangerine Bangalore, sponsored by the owner Arun Rao who encourages artists like me.

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